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The idea for the Public Health Interoperability Training Resource Catalog was born from a small group of volunteers who are committed to elevating the knowledge and skills of anyone and everyone committed to improving Public Health Interoperability. This strong network of volunteers recognized the need for a single-source library of existing training resources. They collected and reviewed hundreds of resources and curated the best for today’s Catalog.

In honor of the volunteer founders’ commitment to Public Health Interoperability, the Catalog is offered free to all and the resources included are, to the best of our knowledge, free to use.

A special thanks to the volunteer founders of the Public Health Interoperability Training Resource Catalog:

Note: The contributors listed here are not responsible for course content, and the courses included in this collection do not necessarily reflect the perspectives of catalog contributors or any organization with which they are affiliated.

The volunteer founders offer gratitude to the many organizations and their sponsors who contributed content to the Catalog. Collectively, their work is elevating our industry by building a strong foundation and encouraging advanced learning.



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The Public Health Interoperability Training Catalog is administered by Altarum as part of a forthcoming Public Health Interoperability Resource Center that is in development with input from the Public Health community. Feedback is welcome. To participate in development or make suggestions, please contact phinterop@altarum.org.
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