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Welcome to the Public Health Interoperability Training Catalog

What is the Catalog? The Public Health Interoperability Training Catalog is a curated set of training and education resources, tools, presentations, and publications on interoperability—both general and specifically for public health. The resources encompass a wide variety of topics including general interoperability and standards, public health informatics, governance, data quality, and terminology.

The training materials listed in the Catalog have been developed and made available by a wide variety of organizations. The Catalog is an interactive directory for searching and accessing materials of interest. Most are made freely available by the developing organization, although some require registration.

Our Origin Story

The idea for the Public Health Interoperability Training Resource Catalog was born from a small group of volunteers committed to elevating the knowledge and skills of anyone and everyone committed to the improvement of public health interoperability. This strong network of volunteers recognized the need for a single-source library of existing training resources. They collected and reviewed hundreds of resources and curated the best for today’s easily searchable Catalog.

Our Commitment to Supporting Those Responsible for Interoperability

All are welcome to use this catalog. It is meant to be used by public health agencies and programs to educate individuals on the role, importance, mechanisms, and technical details of electronic data exchange in support of public health use cases. The Catalog was developed to be a resource for operational, technical, and executive team members at national, state, and local public health agencies. Others who might benefit from it include staff at trading partner organizations, those involved in academia or research activities, and others interested in interoperability.



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The Public Health Interoperability Training Catalog is administered by Altarum as part of a forthcoming Public Health Interoperability Resource Center that is in development with input from the Public Health community. Feedback is welcome. To participate in development or make suggestions, please contact phinterop@altarum.org.
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